I praise God for a committed public servant and man of God, such as Wayne L. Mack, and this important book.

The Directed Path is a call to “arms,” that is to use our human arms to embrace others.   It’s NOT a call to bow to the whims of those who whine or complain the most. It IS a call away from lukewarm godliness. This book IS a call to a relationship with God. It is a call to action!

-Don Piper, Bestselling Author of 90 Minutes in Heaven

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For any who may be feeling uncertainty in their lives, I highly recommend reading The Directed Path: Using God’s Compass. Wayne L. Mack’s messages are uplifting, inspiring, and meet the innermost needs of its readers as he teaches truths that bring hope and peace in a world often filled with chaos and confusion.   Mack shows how his life-path has been divinely guided through challenging, heartbreaking, and exciting experiences, proving that God always keeps His promises to those who use The Compass He has provided (the Scriptures) and put their full trust in Him. Melanie Davis

Bestselling Author of The Triumph Book: HEROES and, President/Co-Founder of Green Zone Housing

In this powerful book, Wayne Mack shares the amazing journey of his life, including his struggles, doubts, fears, and victories, as well as the Compass that kept him on track through it all.  I grew up hunting and fishing in South Louisiana where getting lost was easy. My father gave me a directional compass and this advice, “Never, ever doubt your compass. If you trust your compass completely, you will always find your way.”  Wayne Mack reminds us that even in the most difficult times of life, we all have access to a Compass, if we only ask.  Read this book. Apply its truths. Trust the Compass and you will find your way, too. Dr. Charles "Rusty" Walton

Retired Pastor, First Baptist Church, Conroe, TX

The intentional thread throughout The Directed Path by Wayne Mack is the presence of a miracle working, God touching lives, and meeting us at our point of need one person at a time.  As America continues to push the snooze button on morality, through life experiences, Mack re-ignites the beacon of morality and reminds us that mediocrity is not a viable option for those who want America to continue to be a blessed nation. Randy Weaver

Lead Pastor, Lone Star Cowboy Church, Montgomery, TX

Wayne Mack’s ability to recall events from a past filled with dedication to God, his love and respect of family and the people he serves, an outstanding moral code of equality and principle, is proven in The Directed Path.  To understand this man of high principle and honor, one must read his book.  His open honesty about his successes and failures, without taking undue credit or injuring anyone’s reputation, shows his character.  Texas, the United States, and the international community would do well to follow the footsteps of the God of the Bible that Wayne L. Mack follows so closely. Darla Weaver

Co-Lead Pastor, Lone Star Cowboy Church, Montgomery, TX

The man behind the book
Wayne L. Mack

Wayne L. Mack has spent 31 years as a public servant in Montgomery County, TX, starting as a Night Shift Janitor in the Maintenance Department and then moving to Custodial Supervisor, Assistant Director of Maintenance and later Director of Building Custodial Services.  With his strong work ethic and leadership skills, he has continued to serve in many other positions where he can make a difference, protecting and serving his community.  He began working as a Deputy Constable, rising to Captain of the Reserve Division, and then at the Conroe Police Department as a Sergeant over their Reserve Division until he was elected to serve as the Judge of Justice Court One as Justice of the Peace.

Through his positions, Wayne Mack has become a strong leader, serving on 14   nonprofit boards and becoming one of the most popular speakers in the community, frequently called on to speak at church events, conferences, and seminars.  He is invited to offer invocations and preside over weddings and other special occasions.  His beautiful wife, Mindy Mack, is always by his side, supporting and encouraging his service to the community.   Mindy has also contributed a chapter to The Directed Path.

Wayne L. Mack is frequently called upon to speak and pray at events across Montgomery County, TX, where he is a well-loved Public Servant.  His messages are uplifting, inspiring, and meet the innermost needs of those who are listening, as reflected in the numerous invitations to speak he receives on a monthly basis.

Wayne Mack is available to speak at your next Conference, Retreat, Church, Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, or other event.

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The Directed Path Blog

New Year’s Resolution in Four Words

Anyone can be a critic or negative. Sometimes it’s the easiest thing to do; it requires little effort on our part. But I want to challenge you to be a world changer and make it your New Year resolution to do a “A Little Bit More” and your New Year will be extraordinary.

Peace in the Storm

Just as the disciples feared for their lives, even with Jesus in their midst, we too may at times feel hopeless and afraid. But the little ship on Galilee would never sink with Jesus on board, and we too will ALWAYS remain afloat when we make that same Jesus the captain of our lives.

When Fear Comes Knocking, Let Faith Answer The Door

Stay disciplined in your thought-life; this is why so many people are down and discouraged. Learn how to control your thoughts because fear WILL come knocking, and all you need to do is just let Faith answer the door.

The Mystery of Christmas

As one of my favorite Christmas songs says, “Mary Did You Know?” I wonder if Mary really did know the fullness of that miracle on that day, that her son, who seems so tiny and powerless, was the one who created the stars shining that night, the donkey that carried her to Bethlehem, and the angels that would give the message to the shepherds of His birth.

Dealing with the Hurt and Pain of Tragedy

The unexpected death, diagnosis or circumstances of this experience called life will change, but “This Same Jesus” will always be the same; He will always love you, accept you, forgive you, help you, and restore you. He will be there to succor you through all the hurt and pain.

Practice Thanksgiving

Gratitude isn’t something we just “are,” it’s something we can and should practice as often as possible because of the power it contains.

Hurricane Harvey Two Months Later

We must always continue to move forward, no matter what adversity comes…   no matter what the storm looks like, or what it’s called.

What Does God Hate?

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him as found in Proverbs 6: 16-19

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Without Strong Marriages and Families, Society Completely Breaks Down

Without marriage and family, where children learn right and wrong, how to love and be loved, how to give and take, society completely breaks down. 

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