“With such powerful technology in the hands of all of us, it is incredible how lost our world has become.  In the same years science has expanded our awareness of the universe, we have witnessed a profound collapse in the direction in our societies, families, and personal lives.  No longer do we measure right and wrong on a static and sure standard, as humanity has throughout time.  Today, everything is relative.  Wrong and right is determined solely by how one “feels” about it.  Emotion is the benchmark by which an action is deemed good or bad, wrong or right.  Without a solid code of ethics acting as a magnetic pole, our proverbial moral compasses can’t and don’t work. 

Families are the core of society, but with these broken compasses, the divorce rate has risen exorbitantly and brought with it such devastation as generational poverty, child abuse, neglect, mental anguish, and addictions.  These consequences have put a huge burden on society as a whole, which can be measured in everything from the state of the economy, to the size of the welfare program, to the population numbers in our prisons.  We also witness this widespread loss of direction in the deadly abortion rate and the unbelievable rise of something as abominable as human trafficking.   Our lost condition is causing irreparable harm to children. They are growing up having no role models showing them how to be in healthy relationships.  The result is that youth today have less and less desire to be married, or if they do marry, they have no tools to stay married.  When people have no skill-set to do the work it takes, it is far easier to just throw away marriage and family.  Without marriage and family, where children learn right and wrong, how to love and be loved, how to give and take, society completely breaks down. ”  -Excerpt from the Introduction to The Directed Path: Using God’s Compass “God Gave You a Compass: Use It!” 

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